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A caretaker for his parents, David plans on becoming a nurse
October 17, 2022
David Ramirez Amezcua
Grade: 12 School: Delhi High School District: Delhi Unified School District ACSA region: 9 David Ramirez Amezcua has dedicated himself to a life of service. And he’s done it in spite of incredible obstacles. David is legally deaf, visually impaired and has a learning disability. But with the help of educators, he has persevered and excelled in school. As if that was not enough, David has also served as the caretaker for both of his parents. His father was permanently disabled in a work-related accident in 2013 and his mother battled colon cancer. David says providing for his parents is a great honor and he says he has them to thank for his plan to become a nurse.
What was your reaction when you learned you won this award? I was really excited when I got the award because this was a really big opportunity for me. And I’m really grateful. It’s a big accomplishment for me.
Can you share what you’ve gone through and how you persevered? In 2013, my dad had an accident. It left him paralyzed, so he can barely walk or do anything. He also has some speech difficulties. I had to learn his medications. I learned to cook, wash dishes, do the laundry. My dad spent the first five years in the hospital. And that’s when I fell in love with nursing. I saw the nurses taking care of him and the doctors and surgeons and all the wonderful people there.
On top of that, your mom battled colon cancer. How did you find the strength to get through all of it? I always try to see everything as positive. I need to take care of my parents. I need to make their lives good because I truly love them. If it wasn’t for my mom getting cancer or my dad having his accident, I would not want to be a nurse. I truly owe it to them because they inspired me.
How have you managed to balance taking care of your parents with academics? As a kid, I would get bullied a lot because I needed help. I needed glasses. I can’t hear. But my mom says, “Always try your best. Never let the people get to you.” And I always stand by that. I’m deaf and I can’t see, but I try my hardest on the work. I put in the effort.
What would your message be to people who are struggling right now? My message is you can do anything in this world. If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.
2022 Region 9 ESS David Ramirez Amezcua.