A new way to network in 2023
Committee and Council Virtual Networking Events open to all school leaders
January 9, 2023
All school leaders are invited to attend special virtual networking events hosted by ACSA’s committees and councils in the new year.
Committee and Council Virtual Networking Events will give ACSA members and non-members alike an opportunity to network, receive updates from the state and become more involved with the association.
ACSA has 22 committees and councils based upon job-alike functions or a common interest or goal. These committees and councils serve two purposes within ACSA: expertise and networking. Committees/councils respond to and develop activities and resources related to board-adopted issues and ACSA’s mission and vision, and they also act on issues specific to and identified by the committee/council itself. ACSA members serve on and lead the committees and councils, which meet several times each year.
During COVID restrictions, ACSA’s Superintendency Council requested to open their meetings to all ACSA member superintendents, so more members had the opportunity to receive state updates and share strategies for leading through challenging times.
“We learned an important lesson during the pandemic that we had to find more ways to directly communicate with our members when the landscape is constantly shifting,” said ACSA Executive Director Edgar Zazueta. “While our traditional council structure allows our superintendency council members to share information with their colleagues in the region, this change enabled us to reach our members directly and took some of the responsibility off of the members of the council.”
This model was so successful that ACSA leaders have requested open virtual networking meetings for all councils and committees.
These Virtual Networking Events will appeal to a wider audience, Zazueta said, with content that will address professional development opportunities and policy issues that impact the broader membership.
“We’ve heard consistent feedback that our members want more opportunities to connect with their colleagues,” Zazueta said. “We hope these virtual meetings help meet this objective.”
Zazueta said he hopes the open committee and council meetings will be a catalyst for broader involvement in the organization.
“Our veteran ACSA leaders often note that serving on committees and councils gives them a unique entry way to information and resources all of our members don’t always have access to,” he said. “The involvement also provides a pathway to get involvement with ACSA governance and policy development which can open professional doors to many of our members.”
All school leaders are invited to attend these meetings based on their job function and/or interest. Pre-registration is required using a unique Zoom link. Meetings are also subject to change — check the ACSA website at www.acsa.org/committees-councils and click on the Virtual Networking Events tab for the most up-to-date information.
If you have any questions or need assistance, please email Courtney Adams.
Committee and Council Virtual Networking Events
What: Online networking events hosted by ACSA’s committees and councils Who: All school leaders, including ACSA members and non-members, are encouraged to attend meetings based on their job function and/or interest. When: Meeting dates for each committee/council listed below; all dates subject to change. Register: Find Zoom registration links for each meeting at www.acsa.org/ committees-councils
ACSA Committees
ACSA/CAPEA — Feb. 8 Equity — Feb. 7, March 7 Member Services — Feb. 8 Retirement — Jan. 12, Feb. 23 Small School Districts — April 21, TBD
ACSA Councils
Adult Education — May 17 Business Services — Jan. 11 Career Technical Education — Feb. 7 Classified Educational Leaders — Feb. 22 Curriculum, Instruction and Accountability — Jan. 19 Early Education — May 3 Educational Options — Jan. 13, Jan. 23 Elementary Education — Jan. 23 Human Resources — May 15 Middle Grades Education — Jan. 17 Secondary Education — Jan. 19 Student Services & Special Education — April 21
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