ACSA at 50 | Staff spotlight: Stephen Long
February 14, 2022
For close to a quarter of a century, ACSA’s visual look has been defined by Stephen Long. As ACSA’s design and organizational brand coordinator, Long is in charge of ACSA’s visual consistency across its marketing collateral, publications and events. (He also designed the ACSA 50th anniversary logo below.) When were you hired at ACSA? I was hired April 15, 1998.
How has your job changed over the years? I initially started just doing the graphic design work to promote events and membership drives. Over the years, I was the website liaison for the time that we used an outside company to build and maintain our website in the early 2000s. My role has grown to creating large environmental graphics for our events and in the last few years I’ve taken over the design and layout of Leadership magazine. I work very closely with the Educational Services team and travel frequently to the larger ACSA events, directing the trade show team with large graphic elements for the events, working directly with the AV team to direct the run of show of our large general sessions and just helping out when and where needed.
What are your proudest accomplishments at ACSA? I’m quite proud of our efforts to build our brand over the years and hopeful that we can unify that brand across the association and across the state. I’ve really enjoyed the growth opportunity of getting to take on the complete layout and design of Leadership Magazine over the last few years. I’m also quite proud that ACSA is putting on its inaugural Lead with Pride Summit, focusing on our LGBTQIA+ communities of leaders and students and that I’m going to get to play an integral part in this event.
What’s a favorite memory you have? There are many fond memories since I started here. One, in particular, is that on summer Fridays we used to have lunchtime barbecues out in the alley behind our old building over on L Street. They were always so much fun!
Design and Organizational Brand Coordinator Stephen Long at the grill at a staff barbecue in the alley behind ACSA's former building at 1517 L Street.
ACSA's longtime staff members Lori Allred, executive associate, and Suzanne Caffrey, advocacy and engagement coordinator, with Stephen Long.
Former ACSA staff members Elizabeth Penney and Kolleen Doherty with Stephen Long and Director of Events and Operations Danelle Buckley supporting colleagues in the International Marathon.
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