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From the Executive Director, Edgar Zazueta
October 3, 2022
Calm, enthusiastic, relieved, hopeful … these are some of the sentiments I have heard to describe the start of the new school year. I have had a chance to speak to our members over the last few weeks. While some things are far from normal, or they might never be, the beginning of this year has a distinctly different feeling compared to the challenges our schools faced one year ago.

Our team at ACSA is excited and motivated to do whatever we can to help our leaders navigate our current school year amid this newfound optimism.
On a personal note, I have been overwhelmed with gratitude by the reception I have received from our fantastic members as I navigated the first four months on the job as executive director. I love this organization and couldn’t be more honored for the opportunity I have been provided. I am mindful that this organization does not belong to me or anyone on our ACSA team — this association belongs to all of you, and all of us who are privileged to work for this organization have the responsibility to take great care of it. There is no more significant charge than to shepherd ACSA in a manner that allows us to support our leaders as you strive to serve students in your respective communities.
In my new capacity, I have many opportunities to talk to our members, and I am frequently asked to provide updates and discuss the latest information from Sacramento. I’ve come to realize that some of the most valuable moments are when I am not talking, but rather, when I stop to listen.
Despite the renewed optimism the new year has brought, the listening sessions have reminded me that our schools continue to face many challenges. It is apparent that our schools are still experiencing difficulties with staffing shortages, student and staff mental health issues, and continued struggles with implementing the ambitious policy agenda the state has placed on our system over the last few years.
As we forge deeper into this school year, the goal of ACSA is to provide the assistance our leaders need to navigate these challenges. Whether it be professional development, legislative advocacy or direct member services, our team at ACSA is motivated to support our leaders in creating world-class, equitable learning environments that meet the diverse needs of California’s students.
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