ACSA’s CNET training provides ongoing development for any school administrator coach
February 14, 2022
Everyone can benefit from ongoing professional development — even those individuals in charge of developing school leaders.
ACSA’s California Network of Leadership Coaches (CNET) is open to anyone who provides leadership coaching to school administrators and wants ongoing professional development to strengthen their skills.
Sessions will include a combination of current educational research, trends and policies, application of and practice in coaching skills and strategies, as well as problem solving around coaching challenges, and identifying and using tools for data collection and reflection.
Who’s it for?
Anyone serving in a school administrator coaching role will benefit from this half-day training. This includes consultants, administrators and retirees in coaching roles, and university professors. Certified coaches in the ACSA Clear Administrative Credential Program are also required to take two sessions of CNET training each year.
ACSA members and non-members are welcome to attend.
Which session should I choose?
There are nine sessions scheduled throughout March that correlate to certain local program areas (ACSA North, ACSA Inland Empire, etc.). Coaches are encouraged to attend with their local program for local program collaboration and to align with the political context in their geographic area. However, coaches may sign up for any session with space available that is convenient for them.
What does it cover?
CNET trainings feature the latest information and research coaches need to continue fulfilling their roles. Participants can expect the following outcomes:
  • Develop capacity to utilize Appreciative Inquiry in the Evocative Coaching model.
  • Develop capacity to engage in and model reflective practice with school leaders.
  • Develop a school leaders capacity to engage in the cycle of inquiry and self-reflection.
  • Understand how coaching accelerates a school leader’s ability to impact culture and student achievement.
  • Create a professional learning community of leadership coaches across California.
  • Continued certification for all ACSA affiliated local coaches.
  • For those interested participants, work toward full certification as an ACSA Leadership Coach.
When did CNET begin?
CNET began in 2002-2003 as an ongoing professional community of learners composed of individuals engaged in providing face-to-face coaching and support to Clear Administrative Services Credential candidates and experienced school leaders. CNET has been and is currently geared toward Certification of ACSA Leadership Coaches and to the continuous development of coaching skills for leadership coaches not seeking certification.
CNET Coach Training
What: Half-day training for anyone who coaches school administrators. When: Choose from nine sessions held throughout March Cost: $185 Register: Info:
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