ACSA’s picks for March primary
February 26, 2024
In preparation for the March 5 primary election in California, the ACSA Board of Directors has approved the endorsement of 18 legislative candidates.
The list of 18 endorsed candidates represents 10 of ACSA’s 19 regions, along with six current legislators. The sitting legislators are Speaker Robert Rivas, Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi, Assemblywoman Megan Dahle, Assemblywoman Eloise Gómez Reyes, Sen. John Laird and Sen. Josh Newman, all of whom have been exemplary representatives of their school communities and have worked closely with ACSA’s local members and Governmental Relations team.
“When we go through the endorsement process, we are looking to support candidates that align with ACSA’s values,” said Gina Potter, state ACSA vice president for legislative action. “We want to elect people who will prioritize education and the well-being of students, as well as representation who will engage their local school leaders.”
“If you live in one of the districts, we encourage you to strongly consider voting in support of the aligned candidate.”
Gina Potter, ACSA Vice President for Legislative Action
Over the past several months, ACSA’s region vice presidents for legislative action and the Governmental Relations team have done extensive vetting of legislative candidates to identify those who have student-centered values. The vetting pro
cess has included questionnaires, research, meetings and interviews of candidates conducted by local ACSA leaders and staff.

“ACSA’s endorsement process plays a critical role in our ability to achieve the priorities contained in our One Voice for Students Legislative Platform,” said Iván Carrillo, ACSA senior director of Policy and Governmental Relations. “Our legislative endorsements help elect policymakers who will prioritize the best interests of students and representatives who will meaningfully engage with their local school leaders throughout their term.
Potter said that ACSA’s thorough endorsement process should give members a high level of confidence in these candidates.
“We encourage everyone to do their own research, but if you live in one of the districts, we encourage you to strongly consider voting in support of the aligned candidate,” she said.