ACSA’s picks for Nov. 8 election
October 17, 2022
The Nov. 8 general election is coming up in a few weeks, and ACSA’s political action team has announced endorsements for candidates and ballot measures with the goal of supporting California students.
ACSA has endorsed 21 State Assembly candidates and eight candidates for the State Senate. The Governmental Relations team, with approval from ACSA regional leadership, recommended the candidate endorsements to the ACSA Board of Directors after careful analysis of the candidates’ track records and platforms.
“After vigorous review, it was clear these 29 candidates are aligned with ACSA’s public education and equity values,” said ACSA’s Governmental Relations Senior Director Iván Carrillo. “We encourage our members’ support of their races and are eager to work with them at the statewide and local levels to push a student-centered agenda.”
In July, the ACSA Board of Directors voted to take positions on three November propositions based on recommendations from the governmental relations department. The board voted to oppose Proposition 27, a ballot measure pushed by online betting platforms that would allow online and mobile sports wagering.
The proposed measure would authorize the largest gambling expansion in state history, which in turn would enable children to access gaming on their smartphones or laptops. About 90 percent of profits from Prop. 27 would go out of state and the remaining 10 percent would not benefit California’s public education system.
The board voted to support two measures: Proposition 28 and Proposition 31. Prop. 28 would provide an estimated $1 billion in additional annual funding from the State General Fund for K-12 arts and music education. A dedicated funding source would improve equitable access to arts and music education for every student and support their learning and mental health needs.
Prop. 31 would uphold the prohibition of retail sale of certain flavored tobacco products. The ballot measure follows the passage of a 2020 bill, which ACSA supported, and the tobacco companies’ attempt to halt the law from taking effect. According to the Legislative Analyst’s Office, youth are more likely to use flavored tobacco such as vape pens with mint flavors, thus acting as a gateway for long-term addictive use. ACSA wants to remove these dangerous products that target children by supporting the continued ban.
“I am proud of the positions taken by the ACSA Board of Directors. Collectively, the failure of Prop. 27 and passage of Prop. 28 and Prop. 31, would increase student access to critically important art and music programs, and safeguard the health and well-being of youth,” Carrillo said.

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