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ACSA at 50 | Also celebrating
September 20, 2021
ACSA wasn’t the only thing established in 1971. Here are just some of the other businesses, organizations and goods that debuted that same year.
National Public Radio: On May 3, 1971, National Public Radio broadcast its very first original programming when “All Things Considered” went on the air.
Fruity Pebbles/Cocoa Pebbles: Post secured innovative licensing rights from Hanna-Barbera to use the Flintstones characters on the cereal that was introduced nationally in October 1971.
Starbucks: Founders opened their first coffee store in 1971 near the historic Pike Place Market in Seattle and named it after the first mate, Starbuck, in Herman Melville’s classic novel “Moby Dick.”
Borders: Borders bookstore was founded in 1971 by brothers Tom and Louis Borders during their undergraduate and graduate years at the University of Michigan. The chain grew to more than 500 locations in the U.S. before the company ceased operations in 2011.