August 23, 2021
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Research shows that high-quality instructional materials are a key lever for educational equity and success for each and every learner. In the context of California’s current Revision of the Mathematics Framework and upcoming Mathematics Instructional Materials Adoption, CalCurriculum is offering a year-long, mathematics materials adoption professional learning experience designed for California districts and Charter Management Organizations.
All California LEAs are invited to apply to this free, grant-funded opportunity. In these workshops your district/CMO team will develop a plan for the adoption of standards-aligned, high-quality math materials, and articulate the role of materials adoption and implementation as an adaptive change process centered on equitable student outcomes.
Over six synchronous sessions (four in-person and two virtual) from October 2021 to March 2022 educators will have the opportunity to learn best practices in choosing and implementing the highest-quality mathematics materials, which includes a variety of stakeholders at the decision table. With that in mind, teams of 4-8 will be required for participation.
For additional information, visit Apply online at Application deadline is August 31, 2021.
Apply for free math workshop by Aug. 31
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