Bill would require abuse prevention training
ACSA co-sponsored legislation would codify existing best practice
April 8, 2024
ACSA is co-sponsoring legislation that would provide school employees with additional tools to help prevent child abuse and misconduct.
ACSA joins co-sponsor Schools Excess Liability Fund (SELF) to ensure prevention content is provided as part of the existing mandated reporter training. Authored by Assemblymember Dawn Addis, Assembly Bill 1913 would codify a best practice already in place for many school districts. Under current law, modules that provide “prevention” training are encouraged but not part of the required content. That means the state-offered training resources provided by the Department of Social Services leaves out this important information.
AB 1913 would make sure both the state-offered and locally offered trainings address prevention, and help school employees see the warning signs that could lead to abuse or misconduct before it happens.
“ACSA is a student-first organization. This modest but important change reflects a current best practice that many school districts already follow,” said ACSA President Parvin Ahmadi. “Updated trainings will provide educators with tools that have a direct impact on keeping our children safe, which is a top priority.”
Bill co-sponsor SELF is a Sacramento-based not-for-profit, joint powers authority that provides risk management solutions to members, including many K-12 districts, community college districts, charter schools, county offices of education and regional occupational programs.
“This enhanced training demonstrates the commitment of California schools to the safety and well-being of all students,” said Schools Excess Liability Fund CEO Dave George. “SELF supports these ongoing efforts of the education community in raising awareness through training and to ensure children in all communities have a safe learning environment.”
The bill was on consent in the Assembly Education Committee and will be heard in the Assembly Human Services Committee on April 9.