The “Callie Superstars” were featured on an episode of “Play-Doh Squished.” From left, teacher Amy Runner, students Stephon “Prince” Pieters and Rayden Isaiah Duson and teacher Alexander Friedrichs.
California students featured on Play-Doh-themed game show
March 20, 2023
Two students and two teachers representing Callie Kirkpatrick Elementary in the Menifee Unified School District teamed up to win $5,000 on the Amazon Series show “Play-Doh Squished.” This game show hosted by actress Sarah Hyland invites teams to compete in two physical challenges and a sculpture competition.
MUSD students Rayden Isaiah Duson and Stephon “Prince” Pieters asked teachers Alex Friedrichs and Amy Runner to be on the studio stage with them. Together they formed the “Callie Superstars.”
On the dessert-themed episode, the Callie Superstars created all sorts of tasty treats using Play-Doh. Through their ingenious creation, “Sweet Rescue,” Raiden and Stephon invented a story that took place in Menifee’s own Wheatfield Park, where critters and creatures worked together to rescue a caterpillar friend. From colorful cupcakes and whimsical pies to playful cookies and realistic critters, the Callie Superstars presented an amazing Play-Doh sculpture.
Back at their school, teachers Friedrichs and Runner brought this same creative experience to students in their classrooms. First, they all watched the show together. Then they formed teams, combining kids from both classrooms. Each team had to make a story about Christmas and candy. They used cardboard and Play-Doh to build something to show their story. After five days, each team showed their building and shared their story to both classes.
After receiving recognition from the governing board, students Raiden and Stephon said they were going to use their winnings to buy school supplies for their teachers … and a Nintendo Switch.
A sample of a sculpture created by students at Callie Elementary.
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