Candidate statements for ACSA vice president
January 29, 2024
ACSA leaders will be voting for the office of ACSA vice president at the May Leadership Assembly, which will be held May 9, 2024. The office of vice president puts the holder in the line of succession to ultimately become the ACSA president, as the following year they will become the president-elect, and subsequently president in 2026-27. The following are statements from the two candidates for ACSA vice president.
Katherine Castleberry, Coordinator of Expanded Learning, Torrance USD, Region 14
We have been called to our profession to support and serve the interest of each student that enters our schools every day. As we face issues such as cultural wars that have infiltrated our school systems, ACSA’s advocacy is needed more than ever to ensure the six million plus students in California have access to diverse and inclusive school communities and we, as public educators, are able to lean into our roles as civic agents.
As your next ACSA Vice President, I will acknowledge your commitment, and hopefully inspire and uplift you through these challenging times. Together, we will reimagine ways to support one another and move towards the restoration and rejuvenation needed to continue leading effectively for the betterment of our students’ lives. I expect you to hold me accountable to our standards of connection, inclusion, diversity, creativity, dignity, and compassion so that I can deepen my knowledge and improve my skills on your behalf. Being a servant leader is my challenge and highest aspiration. I cannot promise perfection, but I can guarantee a listening ear, an empathetic heart, an inquisitive mind, hard work, and a hearty laugh. I would be honored to serve as your champion.
Rene Rickard, Chief Innovation Officer, Ventura USD, Region 13
As a 32-year ACSA member, I humbly seek your support for my candidacy for ACSA Vice President.
I am lucky. My Muslim father and Jewish mother could afford to pay $10 a month so I could attend Catholic school in Karachi, Pakistan. We escaped the tyranny of religious fundamentalism to access “streets paved with gold” in the U.S. I became a proud U.S. citizen in 1990, and am indebted to my family and mentors for helping me realize my potential and my dreams.
And now it’s time to pay it forward.
As your ACSA Vice President, I will
  • Support the vision and mission of ACSA by placing students at the forefront of my advocacy and service.
  • Connect with Region Leadership, listen to members, and proactively and collaboratively address concerns.
  • Forge strong partnerships with state and national leaders to fortify pathways to success for ALL students.
  • Voice the need for adequate and stable funding to meet the academic and social-emotional success of ALL students and the adults who serve them.
  • Elevate and amplify the voices of those who are not heard.
I remain steadfast in my advocacy for equitable access to opportunity for ALL students and am grateful for your support.