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Candidate statements for ACSA Vice President of Legislative Action
February 8, 2021
ACSA leaders will be voting for the office of ACSA vice president of Legislative Action at the May Leadership Assembly, which will be held virtually this year. The office is a two-year term and helps shape the legislative agenda for ACSA. The following are statements from the four candidates for ACSA vice president of legislative action.
Jonathon Brunson, Assistant Superintendent, Human Relations, Milpitas USD, Region 8
Together We Rise!
It’s always been about service leadership. Each of us brings our past experiences to this profession and look at us now. We have more diversity in leadership than ever before. Lifting leaders of varying ethnicities, gender and sexual orientation has enhanced our leadership with unique perspectives and insights. Together we rise as we represent over 6 million students in everything we do, and we should resemble and understand those we serve.
Throughout my 23 years of service leadership in education, there has always been ACSA. I have served in most of the leadership positions throughout my career in regions 3, 2 and 8.
As a board, we will align our strategic plan with our mission statement for our students’ success. But what good is a mission statement if we don’t listen to our students and our leaders from across the state? We are their voice when we reach out to our legislative agencies. We must rise together in order to close the opportunity gap. This remains our moral imperative and why I am a candidate for ACSA VP of Legislative Action.
Together We Rise so we can champion education for our students and each other.
Thank you!
Daniel Hernandez, Elementary Principal, Sacramento City USD, Region 3
Hello! I’m Daniel Hernandez, current ACSA Board member representing Region 3. I am extremely motivated and interested to serve as your state ACSA VP of Legislative Action. I bring with me a vast array of experiences that will benefit ACSA and the state. I’ve served as Region, Charter VPLA and Legislative Policy Pommittee. I have worked with Capitol staff through volunteer work and as a high school teacher bringing students to experience the legislative process, by participating in mock hearings. I have also been asked to testify in committee.
My goal is to continue to add my voice on behalf of what is best for students and equity for the state. As a Board member, liaison to the elementary education council, as a facilitator in the principal academy at UCLA, and in leadership assemblies among other gatherings, I have been honored to collaborate with members of ACSA throughout the state. There are a multitude of unique situations, there are many parallels as well. Therefore, we must focus on our common purpose: improving education for all students, equitably, safely, and with high expectations. With my 23 years in education from Elementary to High, I will represent ACSA well as your VPLA.
Barbara Martinez, Principal/Director, Pacific Grove USD, Region 10
I think we can all agree that 2020 was certainly a year for the history books: Global pandemic, challenges in the political landscape, school closures, issues affecting physical and mental health of our families, community and staff. Yes, 2020 was trying for us all, however, one certainty remains — we all stuck together, carried on, and provided essential learning opportunities for ALL of our students. And though the past year has presented us with challenges, there were many opportunities to increase connectivity with one another virtually, advancing our grassroots advocacy mission with key policy makers at the local, state and federal level.
Moving forward, it is imperative we connect to our policy makers. Meeting virtually has provided more of our members the chance to tell their stories, share their truths, and above all, share the impacts of the pandemic on our schools, and community.
Legislative Action Day is soon approaching on April 12 and 13. I encourage all members of every region to attend this virtual event. Sharing stories of success, addressing critical needs for continued funding to reopening our schools, providing mental health services and overcoming learning loss are just a few of the issues on the table. It has been an honor to serve as ACSA’s State VPLA and with your support, I ask for your vote so that we can continue to work together on behalf of all of our students; TK-Adult.
Sincerely, Barbara Martinez ACSA VPLA
Gina Potter, Ed.D., Superintendent, San Ysidro School District, Region 18
United We Stand!
Now is the time that our leadership matters the most as we unite to protect our students, our communities, and our state’s education system. Together we serve as heroic humanitarian leaders during this difficult time to help each other survive, to restore life’s equilibrium, and to emerge stronger as a peaceful nation.
During this unprecedented time ACSA serves a pivotal role in leading our state’s education system through the pandemic. As educational leaders we have united to collectively lead in a time of crisis.
Having served in education for 30 years and in ACSA for 20 years, I am deeply grateful and humbled to serve alongside the extraordinary educational leaders within our organization. It has been a privilege to serve in ACSA leadership roles at the region, state and federal levels as a charter president, region cabinet member, President of the Business Services Council, and Chair of the Legislative Policy Committee.
I am dedicated to serving our members as a courageous leader in pursuit of ACSA’s mission. Together, we will continue to be “the driving force for an equitable, world-class education system” that boldly advocates for student success through our One Voice legislative platform.
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