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ACSA at 50 | Charter member: Richard Schlagel
December 6, 2021
Richard Schlagel
“I have been a strong proponent of ACSA since I became a charter member when the association first formed in 1971. Being an active member of ACSA has been exceedingly rewarding and has enhanced my career immensely.
“Part of being an active ACSA member was serving as Editor of ‘The Reporter,’ Region 11’s newsletter, for a span of 29 years. As editor for almost three decades, I had the opportunity of publishing 116 newsletters and 29 handbooks for Region 11 administrators. This position as editor resulted in making lifelong friendships with many region administrators, some of the finest people in our wonderful organization.
“I also served as Region 11’s President and had the opportunity of serving on two state committees: The Junior High (now Middle Grades) and the Retirement Committee. I personally feel as a lifetime member, that a school administrator in any assignment should seriously think of joining ACSA.”
Thank you for your service to ACSA, Richard.