Youth leaders tour stop in Woodland, California.
Youth leaders from the Martin Luther King Jr. Freedom Center visited Cesar Chavez Community School (Yolo County COE) as part of a civic engagement tour. They read excerpts from a soon-to-be-released book, “From a Kitchen in the World House.”
Civic Engagement Tour makes a stop at Woodland school
August 9, 2021
The Martin Luther King Jr. Freedom Center hosted a community book reading July 22 at Cesar Chavez Community School in Woodland, as part of its 40-city civic engagement tour. The book reading was led by 30 youth leaders from the Oakland-based nonprofit.
At the event, youth leaders read excerpts from a soon-to-published book, “From a Kitchen in the World House.” The book started as a project carried out during last year’s shelter-in-place. The youth participated in a recipe exchange and prepared a traditional dish from another student’s culture. The book shares the lessons the teens learned from the cultural exchange.
The book reading is just one stop on the Freedom Center’s “To Us, You Matter Civic Engagement Tour,” where youth leaders are spending the summer engaging with communities and developing their leadership skills in more than 40 communities and across three states. This year marks the first time the nonprofit has included Yolo County as one of its stops.
Finn Manohchonpoo, a high school senior from Washington state and one of the youth leaders who spoke during the book reading, said, “A lot of youth will say their voices don’t matter and we are actively trying to challenge that.” She adds that youth leaders are trying to build networks of connectivity around civic engagement.
Roy Wilson, director of the Martin Luther King Jr. Freedom Center, says the center’s aim is for the students to change the world one step at a time, beginning with their own community. Wilson said, “Our first goal is for the students to go back to their schools and become leaders and go back to their homes and make their parents proud.”
Wilson shared the nonprofit is looking to expand its youth programs into 10 additional counties. He added that Yolo County is one of the counties being considered for the program expansion. The Freedom Center is currently in discussions with the Yolo County Office of Education.
In 2017, the Yolo County Office of Education, along with other partners, launched the Yolo County Youth Civic Initiative to improve civic education in Yolo County. In 2020, the initiative received a grant from the James B. McClatchy Foundation to expand its work. For more information on the Yolo COE, visit For more information on the Martin Luther King Jr. Freedom Center, visit
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