District leaders’ input needed on improvements to DA
September 5, 2022
WestEd is requesting district leaders participate in a survey about Differentiated Assistance in California.
This survey was developed as part of the requirements in Assembly Bill 130 for an independent evaluation of DA. Survey input will ensure the experiences of school district leaders help guide improvements to DA. Findings and recommendations from the study will be submitted to the Legislature in January 2023 and will lead to direct changes to DA.
WestEd has had a very high response rate on their survey of county office of education DA providers, with 100 percent of counties responding. They want to ensure that they also have strong and representative input from district leaders. This is critical to presenting a complete picture of DA in California, and to the development of recommendations to strengthen DA that reflect the perspectives of providers and recipients.
Without the voices of district leaders, it is possible that DA could change in a way that is unintentionally burdensome for districts. This is a good opportunity to share your understanding of the implications of DA. The confidential survey takes 15 minutes to complete and includes questions relevant to all districts, not just those districts who have received Differentiated Assistance. All district leaders should go to https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/XSTPW3P to complete this survey by Sept. 16.
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