Wayne Diulio with his wife and grandson at an Anaheim Angels baseball game.
Diulio’s leadership has transformed adult ed
June 10, 2024
ACSA Administrators of the Year graphic.
Name: Wayne Diulio Award: Adult Education Administrator of the Year Title: Director, Torrance Adult School, Torrance USD ACSA highlights: Member since 1997; Adult Education Council (2010-2012).
Since 2008, Wayne Diulio has been invested in building better pathways for all adult learners to reach their goals.
As the director of Torrance Adult School, Diulio has supported collaborations between K-12 schools, adult schools and community colleges that have made it easier for adult learners, particularly second language learners, to access opportunity. He’s done this at the three school sites he oversees, as well as throughout the region through his work on the South Bay Adult Education Consortium.
Diulio’s unselfish, humble leadership has been a model for others. Adult educators throughout the state have benefited from the professional development opportunities he has created and the technical knowledge he has freely shared.
Often referred to as “Dr. D,” his dedication to continuous improvement and his strong grasp of the financial structure of adult education have ensured that his students have the human and material capital to learn in our ever-changing world.
“His transformational leadership style has enabled Dr. Diulio to earn the trust of those he leads. He guides and leads in such a way that inspires and validates his team to rise to the level of expectations you do not often observe in adult education programs,” said Maribel Galan, SBAEC lead and a professor at University of Southern California and Chapman University. “He is not only admired and respected by his team, he is also held with the highest respect by his consortium members who seek his guidance and knowledge as a leader of adult education. He has demonstrated his commitment to an equitable education [system] meeting the needs of his very diverse students and community.”
What’s your favorite book? “The Screwtape Letters” by C.S. Lewis.
What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given? Listen to all ideas and have a forgiving heart to demonstrate grace in all interactions.
What’s your best strategy for work-life balance? Prioritizing what is important in life: God, family and work. I was sure to build my family time into my schedule as work is never ending.
What are some life hacks that you would recommend for a new administrator? Look for a good mentor and do not limit yourself to a single person. I have been blessed to work with many administrators willing to share valuable experiences and mentor me along the way.
What would people be surprised to learn about you? On my mother’s side of the family, I am the firstborn in the United States along with my four brothers. My mother arrived at Ellis Island in the 1920s and shared her experience of adults crying as the boat sailed past the Statue of Liberty.
What made you want to become a school administrator? I have always been a servant, beginning as a teacher. My joy for learning and serving led me to expand my role as a school administrator.
What’s the biggest challenge you’ve overcome to get where you are? Balancing work and family.
What are you proud of accomplishing? On a personal level, I watched my children grow and become contributing adults in our community. Professionally, seeing Torrance Adult School recognized and awarded as a high-achieving adult school by the California Adult Education Program and California Community College Chancellor’s Office and receiving a six-year accreditation from WASC were two proud moments that come to mind.

How has ACSA supported you in your career? ACSA has supported me with specialized opportunities to learn and grow professionally.
Since 2008, Diulio has been invested in building better pathways for all adult learners to reach their goals.
Diulio says his strategy for work-life balance is to schedule family time on his calendar.