Ed Options Resource Guide now available
June 10, 2024
ACSA’s Educational Options Council has developed a new resource to support any school administrator seeking guidance about alternative education.
The Educational Options Resource Guide on ACSA’s Resource Hub provides web links to commonly used resources related to continuation, independent study, opportunity, community day, juvenile court and online schools. These resources include template master agreements, legal guidance for continuation schools and the application for the Model Continuation High School Recognition Program. The guide also contains contact information for representatives from each ACSA region on the Educational Options Council who can provide guidance to other leaders.
“Over the last few years, the Educational Options Council has continued to work on a ‘one-stop shop’ to support our colleagues across the state and beyond,” said Greg Wohlman, president of ACSA’s Educational Options Council. “We hope that this new resource supports those in and outside of alternative education/educational options.”
Wohlman said the guide evolved quite a bit as it went through an extensive vetting and review process to ensure it contained the most crucial information.
The Educational Options Council will review and update the guide annually for accuracy and to reflect legislative changes and new research findings. School leaders are encouraged to collaborate with their district leadership to confirm specific local practices, alignment with board policy and administrative regulations.
“As we all know in ACSA, our greatest asset is our wealth of knowledge that we are willing to share with one another. But at times, our greatest barrier is accessing each other,” Wohlman said. “We hope that this hub is just the beginning of the power of our connections to support all communities and every student.”
Find the guide at content.acsa.org/educational-options-resource-guide.