Elementary school hosts virtual career fair
April 27, 2020
The week before spring break usually includes various activities at Booker T. Washington in El Centro, including a Career Fair for all students from transitional kindergarten through sixth grade. Students who are part of the county program also are part of the career fair.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Career Fair in its normal format couldn’t take place. However, a virtual career day was assembled with the support of Superintendent Jon LeDoux and board trustees. Although students were not able to see professionals in person, they were able to see presenters in their work environment, and ones who reside further than two hours away.  Most sessions had about 30 members present, but it was available to all students.  Presenters shared their background, shared photos or slides, and described their profession, as well as what they recommend to students to successfully pursue a career in their chosen field. The students were given an opportunity to ask questions.  After all of the presentations, presenters and staff whom were present at any of the sessions were able to speak to one another, and give feedback regarding their experience. Some of the feedback included positive outlooks on the modified Career Fair.  Presenters included fire fighters, engineers, a commercial airline pilot, a professional baseball player and a veterinarian.
Elijah Nicolas, pilot for JetBlue Airways, was one of more than a dozen professionals who participated in the Virtual Career Fair at Washington Elementary School.
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