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Every Student Succeeding Region 14: Aria Wilson
September 18, 2023
2nd grade, Ernie Pyle Elementary School, Bellflower USD
Aria Wilson’s story of heroism is nothing short of spectacular. In the summer of 2021, her little brother was playing outside near the family’s apartment complex and ran into the parking lot. Aria selflessly darted towards danger, prioritizing her brother’s safety above all else. Unfortunately, Aria was hit by a car and broke her hip so severely she needed a metal plate and screws inserted so she could walk again. Despite her challenges, her enthusiasm persisted, thanks in part to her friends and educators at Ernie Pyle Elementary. Aria’s act of courage showcases the strength and bravery residing within even the youngest among us.
“My little brother was more important to me than anything else ...”
Region 14 2023 Every Student Succeeding Aria Wilson.
Region 14 2023 Every Student Succeeding Aria Wilson.