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Every Student Succeeding Region 18: Karla Machado
August 21, 2023
8th grade, Meadows Union Elementary, Meadows Union SD
Karla Machado knows what it is like to suffer immense loss. In 2020, Karla’s 5-year-old brother, Marco, was diagnosed with a brain tumor. A year later, Marco lost his battle with cancer. Despite the devastating loss of her brother, Karla found solace in the support of her community and the belief that he is now in a better place. Through this hardship, Karla says she learned to appreciate even the smallest blessings in life, and she constantly reminds herself to cherish every moment here on earth.
“I really learned to appreciate even the smallest things, like even waking up in the morning.”
Region 18 2023 Every Student Succeeding Karla Machado.