Every Student Succeeding Region 5: Eduardo Galindo-Aguilar
July 1, 2024
11th grade, Mills High School, San Mateo Union HSD
Eduardo Galindo-Aguilar is living proof that hard work pays off. Despite facing obstacles including a speech impediment and learning English as his second language, his journey at Mills High School is a testament to his resilience. When he initially arrived on campus, Eduardo was a shy student who struggled to engage in conversations. Thanks to the supportive community in the school’s robotics club, he has blossomed into a leader among his peers. He also excels academically, tackling multiple AP courses while also contributing to the school newspaper, The Thunderbolt. Eduardo looks forward to becoming a first-generation college student and pursuing a career in mechanical engineering.
“The robotics club and the community in that club really made me want to do my best. And that’s made me way happier than I’ve ever been.”
ACSA Region 5 2024 Every Student Succeeding Eduardo Galindo-Aguilar.