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Every Student Succeeding Region 7: Cayla Harang
September 18, 2023
12th grade, Mountain House High School, Lammersville USD
Cayla Harang’s indomitable spirit drives her against all odds. When she was just 14 years old, she learned she was pregnant with her daughter, Royalty. With unwavering strength, she embraced the role of a young mother while refusing to let go of her passion for basketball. She starred at Mountain House High and earned a coveted spot on Jason Kidd’s Select AAU team. With Royalty as her guiding light, Cayla shattered expectations. This fall, she’ll take her talents to the University of La Verne to play basketball for the Leopards.
“When I wake up every morning and I see that little girl, I know I have to accomplish something.”
Region 7 2023 Every Student Succeeding Cayla Harang.
Region 7 2023 Every Student Succeeding Cayla Harang.