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Helping staff stick to new year’s resolutions
January 11, 2021
Thanks to a donation from a philanthropic organization, Lompoc Unified School District continues to provide support for staff wellness.
“The well-being of our staff is incredibly important, especially during these times. When our staff are healthy and well, it not only is beneficial to them but improves the experience for our students as well,” said Superintendent Trevor McDonald.
LUSD is providing yoga classes to staff twice a week to provide them a healthy way to mitigate stress and maintain their overall wellness. In addition, LUSD has converted an old workshop into a fitness center (above). All LUSD staff have access to the re-purposed workshop where they can exercise using free weights, rowing machines, stationary bikes, and more.
“The facility has been used over 10,000 times by our staff. They continue to provide us input on the equipment they would like available to them in the fitness center and we have been outfitting the area to meet those needs,” said Deputy Superintendent Bree Valla. “LUSD will continue to look for ways to provide support to our staff and their mental and physical well-being.”
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