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April 27, 2020
1. Special education survey
Please help ACSA Member Services and the ACSA Special Education and Student Services council identify the successes and challenges you are experiencing around supporting special education students while distance learning. We encourage all ACSA members to take two minutes to leave one comment and rate other comments found on this link: https://my.thoughtexchange.com/817536160. 2. Enhancing equity in the virtual learning space
The California Association of African-American Superintendents and Administrators and the University of California Los Angeles Center for the Transformation of Schools, with support from the California Collaborative for Educational Excellence, have developed a free online series, which provides families and educators with the tools and strategies they need to enhance equity in the virtual learning space in the wake of the COVID-19 school closures. For more information, visit https://equitablelearningincrisis.extendedsession.com/

3. Designing the Distance Learning Ecosystem webinar
Designing effective learning systems requires leaders to view existing systems from a broad perspective that includes seeing overall structures, patterns, and relationships, rather than seeing only specific events within the system. This session will help you to design and analyze distance learning systems from a holistic perspective to set goals, understand and determine roles, implement more effective processes, and develop the necessary relationships. From there, explore a model to make critical decisions quickly. Visit the Events section at ccee-ca.org.

4. Free Special Education webinar
The Council for Exceptional Children has made its webinar, COVID-19 Considerations for Special Education Administrators, available for free to educators nationwide. Presenters discuss what we know to date and provide some options for meeting the needs of families and students in your communities. Visit cec.sped.org/COVID19forAdministrators for more information.

5. ACSA Partner webinar
ACSA Partner4Purpose member Fagan Friedman & Fulfrost is collaborating with FCMAT on a free two-part webinar titled “Essential Projects: Tips, tricks and best practice to keep essential projects active and safe.” The webinar is scheduled for Thursday, April 30 at 10:00 a.m. To register, visit https://www.f3law.com/news_article.php?n=231&id=6.

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