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August 10, 2020
1. August Academies 
Several ACSA Academies will get underway this month, and there’s still time to sign up. All Academies will begin in an online/virtual environment and be held on multiple weekends throughout the school year. This month, Academies will begin for Special Education (Redwood City, El Monte and Sacramento), Personnel Administrators (Salinas), Co-Administrators (Victorville), and Curriculum and Instructional Leaders (San Jose).  When: Start dates in August  Register:
2. Three Rs resources
Turnaround for Children is providing ACSA members with a special set of resources around The New Three Rs: Relationships, Routines, Resilience. Find tools like an Emotional Response Strategies List, Banking Time Virtually chart, Routines and Procedures checklists and more. Also check out Turnaround’s podcast, The 180, and many other articles, videos and blogs geared toward helping educators with SEL strategies during the pandemic.  Where:
Password: potential 
3. Self-care for educators infographic 
Because districts value self-care for staff and believe self-care has become particularly important during the pandemic, ACSA Partner4Purpose Hanover Research has prepared a downloadable info-brief to support staff self-care as educators navigate the current crisis.  Online:
4. Remote teaching proficiencies webinar 
In “Key Remote Teaching Proficiencies from the Administrator’s Perspective,” workshop leaders Busola Stackhouse (M.Ed) and Rashaida Melvin (Ed.M, MAEd) share practical insights and helpful frameworks for administrators as they support teachers in a remote/hybrid learning environment. This recorded webinar presented by ACSA and EdConnective, will introduce a mental model and five key remote teaching proficiencies every teacher and administrator can benefit from.  Online:
5. How to become a superintendent article 
For school principals, the desire to progress to superintendent is a natural next step. It’s an administrator role that builds upon many of the skills you’re already developing, including leadership, communication and the ability to establish a clear vision for your school. Brandman University has outlined the steps you’ll need to take to achieve this goal in a new article on ACSA’s Resource Hub.  Online:

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