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September 19, 2022
1. Registration open for Superintendents Symposium
This annual event brings school leaders from around the state together for an invaluable two days of professional learning, networking and advocacy. This is the best time to look at the governor’s budget and for superintendents to get together to review the state-of-the-state and the state-of-the-district.
When: Jan. 25-27, 2023
Where: Monterey Marriott
Cost: $800 ACSA member
Register: bit.ly/supts2023
2. Save the date for Negotiators Symposium
Having a well-trained and informed negotiation team provides the framework upon which school change and student academic success is built. This event is particularly useful when the whole district negotiating team attends and works on their skills together.
When: Jan. 18-20, 2023
Where: San Diego
Info: www.acsa.org/negotiatorssymposium
3. The Skillful Certificated Evaluator
Learn how to establish a common philosophy across the district regarding employee evaluations. Find out how meaningful employee evaluations can be used to build capacity and increase student achievement. Learn how to prepare for and conduct effective conversations with the purpose of improving performance while generating documentation to support difficult employment decisions that may arise.
When: 1-4 p.m. Oct 5 & 12
Where: Virtual (Online Learning Center)
Cost: $249 ACSA members
Register: onlinelearning.acsa.org/courses/the-skillful-certificated-evaluator
4. Still Waters Run Deep
Brain science indicates that to effect change, a physiological state of safety must exist. Engaging in nature creates a calm and alert state. This session will provide participants with the theoretical and empirical understanding around the neurological implications of employing nature-informed approaches to emotional and behavioral regulation in schools.
When: 12-1 p.m. Oct. 6
Where: Virtual (Online Learning Center)
Cost: Free
Register: onlinelearning.acsa.org/courses/still-waters-run-deep-brain-science-nature-therapy-and-behavioral-regulation
5. Building Equity workshop
Building a culture of belonging is about identifying biases, inequities and gaps that prevent students from fully engaging in their education. In “Building Equity Through Creating a Culture of Belonging,” educators will be provided with choices for how to achieve excellent outcomes for all students through a focus on educational equity.
When: 12-1 p.m. Oct. 4
Where: Virtual (Online Learning Center)
Cost: Free
Register: onlinelearning.acsa.org/courses/building-equity-through-creating-a-culture-of-belonging
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