HR administrators will meet face-to-face at Personnel Institute
July 12, 2021
A lot has changed since HR administrators last gathered in person at the ACSA Personnel Institute in 2019.
Since then, remote work, health and safety concerns, and staff morale have all become pressing issues for school personnel professionals due to the unprecedented changes schools have experienced during the coronavirus pandemic.
Human resources leaders will have an opportunity to discuss these topics and more in person at the 2021 Personnel Institute held in Long Beach.
The conference, which is planned and presented by ACSA’s Human Resources Council, will give participants a chance to hear how HR professionals from throughout the state are welcoming back school employees following pandemic closures.
“School districts made quick adjustments to deal with the challenges of COVID. We expect things to be more normal in the 2021-22 school year, but we know that the landscape of schools will be different,” said Nicole Glentzer, assistant superintendent, HR in Ukiah USD and co-chair of this year’s planning committee. “This Personnel Institute will help school administrators understand changes that can be expected and give guidance on pitfalls to avoid as we continue to navigate through the challenges of the pandemic.”
Attendees will also get up-to-date information on laws and regulations pertaining to personnel, with expert guidance from attorneys and veteran human resources leaders. Special attention will also be given to how HR administrators can support the mental health of employees, including new teachers who may have had their induction programs interrupted by the pandemic.
“One of the challenges of being a school administrator is keeping up with the constant changes related to personnel. It is not enough to just respond to those changes after they happen. We must be able to anticipate and prepare for changes in order to keep our districts running smoothly,” Glentzer said. “Attending the Personnel Institute is the best way I have found to stay abreast of new legislation and trends in personnel so that I can help my district respond appropriately.”
Breakout strands include:
  • Remote work after the pandemic (Should we, could we, will we?)
  • Recruiting a diverse workforce
  • Best practices for online recruitment
  • Managing morale
  • Labor relations
  • CTC panel/credentialing updates
  • Leaves
  • Supervision/evaluation best practices
  • How to win a certificated dismissal
  • Employee misconduct investigations
  • Wage, hours, overtime
  • Cease and desist/grievances
  • Workers comp
Glentzer said one of the most valuable components of the Personnel Institute is the networking, which will be back in full force at this in-person event.
“Whether dealing with a worldwide pandemic, or a local crisis, it is important that school administrators have other practitioners to rely on for ideas and advice,” she said. “The Personnel Institute is one of the best places to build a diverse network of Human Resource professionals.”
Ray Curry Nominations
Each year during the Personnel Institute, the ACSA Human Resources Council Personnel Institute Committee selects an outstanding human resources or personnel administrator to receive the Ray Curry Award.
If you would like to nominate an outstanding personnel/HR administrator for this award, visit bit.ly/personnelinstitute2021 and click on the Ray Curry Award link for selection criteria and nomination instructions. Nominations are due Aug. 31.
2021 Personnel Institute
What: Three-day PD event for new and veteran HR administrators on the latest research and legal issues pertaining to school personnel. When: Sept. 29-Oct. 1, 2021 Where: Hilton Long Beach Cost: $549 ACSA members Register: bit.ly/personnelinstitute2021.
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