HR, finances and the future: New courses to check out online
April 25, 2022
ACSA has professional development that fits your busy schedule. The Online Learning Center features dozens of learning topics relevant to school leaders that are available when it’s convenient for you. Sessions are virtual and many are on-demand, giving you the opportunity to learn in the evenings, early mornings or on weekends. Other sessions are live, allowing participants to discuss, share and ask questions of the presenters.
Here are just a few of the upcoming opportunities on the Online Learning Center.
HR Boot Camp: Surviving the First Year
This workshop is designed for administrators, classified managers and other support staff who are new to Human Resources or interested in learning about the role and function of the Human Resources Department. Participants will benefit from this comprehensive overview of the myriad of tasks and responsibilities of the Human Resources Office. The presentation will include a detailed calendar of events, procedures related to Human Resources and a Human Resources Self‐Assessment Instrument. Join ACSA’s personnel experts over three sessions to build your knowledge in the HR world.
What you’ll learn: Identify and understand the complexities of HR administration. Describe the functions performed by the HR Office and identify the various public stakeholders with whom the HR Office must interact and what results may be expected from those interactions. Become familiar with recent legislative and case law changes. Identify and understand HR procedures and the monitoring of critical timelines. Become familiar with an HR Office Self‐Assessment Instrument.
When: 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. June 15, 22 and 29 Type: Live virtual course (All sessions will be recorded and available for registered attendees.) Cost: $249 ACSA members Register:
Preparing for the Future of Education On-Demand Series
This series of four courses is focused on different aspects to guide the future of education for our district and site leaders. Over five hours of professional development is presented in an on-demand format that can be viewed at your convenience.
What you’ll learn: Included in this collection are strategies for rethinking systems to future proof learning, diversifying your bookshelves, restorative practices and instructional coaching for results.
Type: On-demand series When: Anytime Cost: $69 Register:
Strategies to Achieve Mental Wellness and Financial Wellness
We often hear that “your health is your wealth” and we all know that we need to grab the oxygen mask first to take care of ourselves before we help others. It’s time to step back and look at your priorities, your health, your family and your financial wellness to become financially independent. Whether you are mid-career or ready to retire, you need to have a sustainable plan because the world is changing fast and you need to adapt. Everything is changing all at once which is causing us stress, from remote learning and remote working to getting ready for a digital economy and the growing inflation pressures. More and more educators are thinking about retiring early but don’t have a plan. Take time out of your day and join this discussion of some of the key topics and strategies to maximize your future self.
What you’ll learn: Reset your priorities and develop a long-term plan. Rest and sleep for health and mental wellness. Plan for getaways with your family to rejuvenate and sharpen the saw. Budget your time and finance without giving up the latte. Strategies to become financially independent and possibly retire early. Grow professionally by developing the knowledge and skills but choose your path carefully.
Type: Live virtual course When: 12-1 p.m. Wednesday, April 27 Cost: Free Register:
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