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Interim assessments offer flexibility needed during distance learning
February 1, 2021
The Smarter Balanced Interim Assessments can be used in flexible ways to check student progress during distance learning, according to a recent Assessment Spotlight. Here’s how teachers can use them in a nonstandardized manner during distance learning:
Whole-class instructional tool: A teacher can use the Interim Assessment Viewing System to display an item for the class and discuss problem solving the item, giving students an understanding of the structure and expectations of Smarter Balanced assessments.
Small-group targeted intervention: A breakout room can be used with a group of students to show an interim assessment item while the teacher provides specific instruction to clarify any misconceptions and boost students’ learning.
Instructional planning: Students’ responses on the interim assessments can be viewed in the California Educator Reporting System to provide the teacher with specific information for planning instructional next steps. The teacher can use the Tools for Teachers website to see lesson activities and strategies that are directly related to Interim Assessment Block content.
More than 160 interim assessments are available to California teachers for both remote and in-person administration. Find more information at
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