Share your knowledge — themes released for 2020-2021 Leadership magazine

March 16, 2020
Leadership magazine, which is published five times annually and distributed to all ACSA members, has released its themes and subtopics for the 2020-2021 publishing year.  “Educators are doing incredible work for students in our communities,” said ACSA Executive Director Wes Smith. “Leadership magazine allows educators to write about that work and how they’re confronting important issues in public education.” The themes and subtopics are released each spring. They are as follows: Student Health and Wellness: Sept./Oct. 2020 Mindfulness—Life and school balance—Student safety and health—Mental health—Communicable disease prevention—Behavioral intervention—PBIS—Coping with school health crises—Coping with crises outside of school—Sex education—Inclusiveness Leadership Through the Lens of Community Partnerships: Nov./Dec. 2020 Leveraging community partnerships—Non-profits—School boards—PTA/PTO/PTC—Growing engagement with parents and the community—Businesses and foundations—Public and private partnerships—Social media marketing—Outreach beyond your district website and social media accounts—Community schools—Afterschool activities  Equity Through the Lens of Data: Jan./Feb. 2021 Early intervention testing and tactics—California School Dashboard and LCAP—Gender strategies—Engaging Leaders—Using data to close student group and achievement gaps—Access to AP courses—Data insight—The Digital Divide—English learners—Students with disabilities—Racial/ethnic groups—Foster youth Career Readiness: March/April 2021 Preparing students for jobs that don’t yet exist—The gender gap in STEAM and STEM—Diverse workforces—CTE and academies—Agriculture programs and FFA—Women in science and math—Digital citizenship—Project management—Educating students on adult responsibilities—Soft skills   Student Voices: May/June 2021 Youth leadership—Technology in the classroom—Time management—Social engagement—College and career—Student stories—Perspectives on the California education system—Mental wellness—Alternative education—Balancing athletics and academics—Are students too busy?—CTE and academies—College entrance exams—Scholarships—Students working full-time jobs—Language barriers—Undocumented students and families—Bullying—Counselors Submissions must be at least 750 words and include practical information written in an informal style. References in APA style must be included if the articles are quoting studies or content from other authors.  Members and thought-leaders are encouraged to begin submitting written work on these themes and subtopics now. Submissions can be sent to Naj Alikhan, ACSA Senior Director of Marketing and Communications.

“Leadership magazine allows educators to write about [their] work and how they’re confronting important issues in public education.”
—Wes Smith, ACSA Executive Director
For the second straight year, Leadership magazine will focus the May/June 2021 edition on Student Voices. This entire edition will be written by California public school students. This year more than 200 students submitted articles for the Student Voices edition with topics including school experiences, mental wellness, life-changing events, bullying and more. Dozens of students also submitted their senior essays.

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