Legal questions? ACSA has answers
May 1, 2023
Did you know that as an ACSA member, you have access to professional legal advice and assistance? Call 800-608-ACSA or visit to access this benefit. Find out more about ACSA’s Member Assistance & Legal Support Team and how they can protect and assist you with any work-related concerns in this Q&A.
What kinds of issues does MALST help with?
Ask yourself the following questions. If any of your answers are yes, chances are you could use ACSA’s help.
  • Have my due process rights been violated?
  • Does this problem/situation pose a threat to or significantly affect my career?
  • Are my employers treating my situation unfairly?
Advocates are available to assist members with problems concerning, but not limited to:
  • Breach of employment contract
  • Complaint investigations
  • Contract review
  • Credential problems
  • Demotion
  • Dismissal
  • Salary policy disputes
  • Settlement agreements
  • Tenure rights
  • Retirement
What if I just need advice?
Regular ACSA membership gives you access to trained and experienced Member Assistance Advocates that offer professional advice. Our advocates have a proven track record in resolving work-related concerns before they become a lawsuit.
What if my issue is more complicated?
We’ve got you covered! If necessary, our Advocates will authorize two hours of Direct Legal Assistance with one of ACSA’s panel attorneys at no cost to you. Our lawyers are experienced in school law and can help determine if further action is necessary. If so, ACSA can provide:
  • $1,000 in additional legal assistance to members based on a 60 percent/40 percent split.
  • Up to $4,000 in protracted legal assistance for cases in litigation, which is also based on a 60 percent/40 percent split.
  • Free professional liability insurance in excess of your mandated district coverage.
Who is eligible for Legal Assistance?
A person requesting attorney assistance must have been a regular member in good standing for six months at the time their problem arose.
Resources Online
Find a library of articles by the Member and Legal Support Team on the ACSA Resource Hub.
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