Magazine themes announced
ACSA members encouraged to write articles on ‘bright spots’ in their schools
May 1, 2023
Next school year, Leadership magazine will give ACSA members a platform for sharing and learning strategies to solve the biggest challenges in education right now, including student behavior, staff recruitment and attendance.
ACSA has announced the Leadership issue themes for the 2023-24 school year. Leadership is ACSA’s magazine that is published five times annually and distributed to all ACSA members. The themes and subtopics are released each spring.
For 2023-24, EdCal Editor Michelle Carl will also assume editing duties for the magazine, which is produced by ACSA’s Marketing and Communications Department.
“Leadership magazine is one of the most robust, education-centered publications nationwide because it’s focused on educating the educators,” said ACSA Senior Director of Marketing and Communications Naj Alikhan. “Like the work Michelle has done to make EdCal more innovative, she has a vision for Leadership that will strengthen the content and offer more to our readers.”
Submissions must be at least 750 words and include practical information written in an informal style. Citations and references in APA style must be included if the articles are quoting studies or content from other authors. Article submissions can be sent via e-mail to Carl at
“We hear a lot about the challenges in education, but we also know there are many promising practices being implemented by our members,” Carl said. “I hope Leadership helps spread these good ideas throughout the state to school leaders seeking to create positive changes in their school communities.”
ACSA members and thought-leaders are encouraged to begin submitting written work on these themes and subtopics starting now. Deadlines for each issue are also listed below.
“Leadership magazine is one of the many ways ACSA fulfills its mission to develop and support inspired educational leaders,” Carl said. “I encourage all members to review these themes and consider sharing ‘bright spots’ from their schools or districts by writing an article for Leadership.”
September/October 2023: Empowering Women Leaders Pipeline; Networking; Family/life balance; Career development; Superintendency; Gender gap in leadership/superintendency; “Leaning in;” Discovering leadership style; Societal expectations of women; Bias.
Submission deadline: June 12, 2023
November/December 2023: Attendance Student and family engagement; Marketing enrollment and programs; TK; State preschool programs; Attendance campaign solutions; Technology solutions; SARB/truancy/chronic absenteeism; Student health campaigns; School-based health centers; Rural schools; Barriers to attendance. Submission deadline: Aug. 7, 2023
January/February 2024: Behavior Interventions Social-emotional learning; Intervention teachers; PBIS; Response to Intervention; MTSS; Wellness/calming rooms; Inequities in discipline; Classroom management strategies. Submission deadline: Oct. 2, 2023
March/April 2024: Special Education Educator shortage; Inclusive classrooms; Equity; Autism; SELPA; Funding issues; IEPs; Communication with parents; Self-care for SPED educators; FAPE; Threat assessments. Submission deadline: Nov. 29, 2023
May/June 2024: Recruitment and Retention Engaging millennials; Young teachers; Credentialing; Burnout; Cost of living; On-campus teacher housing; Residencies and internships; Challenges for rural schools; Strategies for hard-to-staff positions (math, special education, etc.); Compensation/salary schedules; Employee assistance/wellness programs. Submission deadline: Jan. 29, 2024
Download a PDF of the themes at and read Leadership online at
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