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Make master scheduling easier with this online ACSA workshop
March 22, 2021
ACSA’s top-rated Master Scheduling Workshop is now available through the Online Learning Center.
Join our presenters for three engaging live sessions (over eight hours of professional development) where you will walk away ready for the next school year with a comprehensive master schedule for your site.
Each online session will engage you in every step of the master schedule process and provide you with insight on how to make the best decisions for your school. Recordings of each session will be available for registered participants to access.
The complexities of building today’s master schedule in both middle school and high school can be overwhelming, especially if you have little or no master scheduling experience. This three-day workshop will provide the necessary basics, including:
  • Identification of essential “non-negotiable” components.
  • Realistic and necessary timelines.
  • A step-by-step, practical method for creating a schedule that provides course selection equity.
  • Interactive sessions designed for you to practice scheduling concepts with real numbers.
Session One (March 24)
The first session, “Understanding the Conceptual Framework of Master Scheduling,” will outline the big picture items needed to start any master schedule process. Master scheduling begins as a vision and requires a collaborative effort with school leaders to ensure that you are successful.
  • Create your site vision for the master schedule process.
  • Formulate your master schedule team and identify key players.
  • Define your decision-making process.
  • Understand the important milestones in creating the master schedule.
  • Establish your site priorities (pathways, EL, etc.).
Session Two (April 28)
In “Preparing the Foundation for Master Scheduling,” participants will bring essential data to dissect that information and understand formulas to create the master schedule. By analyzing the data that participants bring, you will be able to understand formulas based on available FTEs and course requests. You will have hands-on practice with master schedule sample data in order to model different decisions that administrators will need to make.
  • Analyze the current master schedule in preparation for building this year’s master schedule.
  • Evaluate course request data.
  • Assess current FTEs (Full-Time Equivalents), resources, and CBAs (Collective Bargaining Agreements).
  • Determine the number of sections to offer for each course at your site.
  • Practice the master schedule process and model different scheduling decisions.
Session Three (May 19)
In this final session of the workshop, “Building the Master Schedule,” technical components of the master schedule will be discussed. This session will allow you to engage in breakout sessions with participants to build a master schedule specific to your site. Implications of choices made and variations will be highlighted during this session.
  • Strategize and practice the different schedule models and variations.
  • Build a comprehensive master schedule for your school site.
Master Scheduling Workshop What: Three-day workshop on the master schedule process. When: March 24, April 28 & May 19 (8.5 hours of professional development) Where: Virtual (ACSA Online Learning Center) Cost: $249 (ACSA members) Register:
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