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The 2022-23 cohort of New Superintendents Seminar Series held their last meeting in April.
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May 29, 2023
If you are a new first- or second-year superintendent, the New Superintendents Seminar Series is ACSA’s only professional development series designed specifically for you. In these unprecedented times, the new superintendent cannot, and should not, navigate alone. Former successful superintendents and Co-Directors of the New Superintendents Seminar Series Trudy Arriaga and Jason Peplinski fully understand the complexity of the superintendency and the need to have targeted, professional development in a confidential cohort setting for newly appointed superintendents. This professional learning series has successfully assisted first- and second-year superintendents for the past 27 years.
New superintendents will benefit from a variety of collaborative sessions during the 2023-24 year. Participants will have the opportunity to connect and form lasting relationships with new superintendents throughout the state. This confidential forum allows all new superintendents to learn, share and move forward with confidence in their leadership role. Successful current and retired superintendents will lead discussions in their areas of expertise and share their wisdom and knowledge of this unique position. Participants will receive presenters’ contact information for follow-up to avail themselves of presenters’ recognized experience and expertise when facing the challenges and opportunities of the superintendency that arise.
Topics for the sessions will be specific to the unique challenges of these unprecedented times and will include:
Goal setting: Working in partnership with the Governing Board to establish annual goals.
Culture building: Establishing a culture that is inclusive and welcoming for all.
Leadership: Leadership Matters and it starts with the Superintendent.
Evaluation: Creating systems of improvement.
Negotiations: Setting the stage for success and a collaborative process.
Governance: Appreciating, respecting and partnering with the Governing Board.
Human resources: Navigating complex personnel issues.
Taking stock: Appreciating what has gone well and future planning.
Time is devoted in each session to confidentially discuss the current issues in participants’ districts to ensure that they return to their districts with skills, tools and strategies for success.
NSSS has strategically planned the 2023-24 schedule to ensure that meetings are accessible to all superintendents and held in a location with easy access for superintendents regardless of district location. The January meeting will convene in conjunction with the ACSA Superintendents’ Symposium in Indian Wells to facilitate participants’ opportunity to attend this essential professional development event for superintendents statewide.
Testimonials from three of the 37 participants in the 2022-23 series offer evidence that this is an essential investment for the new superintendent:
“NSSS has been an incredibly valuable experience. It covered a wide range of topics specific and relevant to the role of the new superintendent. It created a safe space for new superintendents to be vulnerable and get real about the realities, complexities and the adversities we encounter in the noble quest of transforming cultures in servicing our kids!” — Superintendent Jocelyn Hively, Standard School District.
“I recommend NSSS 100 percent. The results of NSSS are unlike any other professional development I have ever experienced in that we leave feeling uplifted, encouraged, smarter and ready to take on the world. I will seriously miss these sessions.” —Superintendent Brian Thurman, Ramona Unified School District.
“NSSS was the support structure I didn’t know I needed when I began the journey. If you don’t think you have the time for NSSS as a new superintendent, make the time! I guarantee it will help you navigate and promote success for year one!” — Superintendent Raymond Andry, Mountain View School District.
New Superintendents Seminar Series
When: Five sessions throughout the year. Full day on Fridays with hosted dinner. Half day on Saturdays. Sept 6, 2023: Virtual Orientation and Program Overview, 6-7:30 p.m.
Sept. 22-23, 2023: ACSA Sacramento Office Nov 17-18, 2023: ACSA Sacramento Office January 23-24, 2024: Indian Wells, (New Superintendents’ Workshop pre-conference prior to ACSA Superintendents Symposium) March 8-9, 2024: ACSA Sacramento Office April 26-27, 2024: ACSA Sacramento Office For a comparison with the ACSA Superintendents Academy, executive professional development designed for Year 1 and aspiring superintendents, or to register now, go to For registration assistance, contact Joanne Flowers at For additional program information, contact NSSS Co-Director Trudy Arriaga at
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