MALST Advocates to present at ACSA Leadership Summit
October 30, 2023
ACSA Advocates John Almond, Janet Morey, Gary Rutherford and Lloyd Wamhof will present a fast-paced, interactive session on Administrator Rights during Leadership Summit in Sacramento. The presentation will be at 1:45 p.m. Nov. 2 and will address issues such as:
  • One of your staff has filed a complaint against you and the district is going to place you on paid administrative leave and conduct an investigation. Now what do you do?
  • A parent in your school has filed a complaint against you with the Commission on Teacher Credentialing and a hearing is scheduled in Sacramento. What are your next steps?
  • Your supervisor has given you an unsatisfactory evaluation. How do you respond?
  • It’s October and you have applied for and been offered a position in another district that is a promotion. Can you resign in the middle of the school year? What are your rights?
  • You’re afraid the district will be giving you a March 15 Notice. Should you resign first?
  • The superintendent is unhappy with your performance and intends to reassign you. Can the superintendent do that after the school year has begun?
The presenters will be available after the session to respond to your questions.
Are you taking advantage of this member benefit?
Regular ACSA membership gives you access to trained and experienced Member Assistance Advocates to protect your due process rights.
ACSA’s advocates have a proven track record in resolving work-related concerns before they become a lawsuit. The team is made up of former administrators who have a combined 150 plus years of experience serving ACSA members. The advocates are John Almond, Sharon Dezutti, Joe Jones, Janet Morey, Gary Rutherford, Bill Tschida and Lloyd Wamhof.
This past school year the team assisted 859 members who reached out for support on topics such as:
  • March 15 Notices (88)
  • CTC complaints (23)
  • Paid administrative leave pending an investigation (103)
  • Questions about resigning during the school year (28)
  • Violation of due process rights (35)
  • Superintendent contract assistance (106)
  • Settlement agreements (22)
For professional legal assistance, please fill out the request form at www.acsa.org/legalsupport. Joanne Godfrey, Member Support Program Director, will connect you with an advocate right away.
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