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Speakers for ACSA's 2021 Summer Leadership Inst.
Meet the faculty at Summer Leadership Institute
May 31, 2021
Time is running out to enroll in ACSA’s Summer Leadership Institute, June 28-July 1.
This transformative professional development event will give new, aspiring and experienced school principals time to reflect and grow in critical leadership skills. The three-day virtual conference will place participants in small groups led by veteran school administrators, who will guide their teams in identifying ways to apply what they have learned in the school setting.
Groups are limited to five or six people in order to make the experience more personalized and meaningful, so space is limited. Don’t miss this chance to grow as a leader and connect with fellow principals and aspiring principals this summer.
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This event will also feature a Superintendents’ Panel discussing the style of leadership skills they look for when hiring principals.
Also, author, education policy advisor and former superintendent Jonathan Raymond will give a one-hour seminar to help principals lead with creativity and compassion. Schools need to be living, breathing and ever-changing gardens of learning that answer the call of nurturing our children to find their unique purposes and equip them to navigate their paths well. This session will introduce leaders to how creativity and compassion are foundational to a healthy team of teachers and staff able to cope with unparalleled demands.
Meet the faculty
In California, if a situation in a school district is controversial, complex, or critical the one person most superintendents call is Tom DeLapp. Since 1996 when he founded his firm, Tom has served as communications counsel for over 400 school districts in California. Tom has helped school districts successfully communicate through sex scandals, budget cuts, 10 teacher strikes, collective bargaining impasse situations, numerous campus shootings, bond campaigns, school closures, employee misconduct, health scares, marketing/branding concerns, student deaths and curriculum battles. The recognized “Master of Disaster,” Tom travels nearly 10,000 miles a month helping school districts enhance their communication capabilities.
Dr. Joelle Hood is a writer, speaker, teacher, success coach, leader, energy alchemist, entrepreneur and co-founder and Chief Empowerment Officer at Thriving YOUniversity. She believes in the importance of living IN purpose and ON purpose. Work-life balance is a myth, and people are better served looking to create flow over balance. When you are in flow, work and play are so inspirational and integrated, it is sometimes difficult to tell when you’re working and when you’re playing. Dr. Hood is an encourager and enthusiast, engager and empowerer. She has served 25-plus years in the field of education, as well as serving as a success coach to individuals and organizations outside of education. Although she has held many different jobs, her purpose on the planet has been steadfast: she has a deep desire to influence, inspire, and ignite humans to become the best possible version of themselves.
Cornelius Minor is a Brooklyn-based educator. He works with teachers, school leaders and leaders of community-based organizations to support equitable literacy reform in cities (and sometimes villages) across the globe. His latest book, “We Got This,” explores how the work of creating more equitable school spaces is embedded in our everyday choices — specifically in the choice to really listen to kids. Most recently, along with his partner and wife, Kass Minor, he has established The Minor Collective, a community-based movement designed to foster sustainable change in schools. Whether working with educators and kids in Los Angeles, Seattle or New York City, Minor uses his love for technology, hip-hop and social media to bring communities together.
Dr. Anthony Muhammad is an author and international thought leader. He currently serves as the CEO of New Frontier 21 Consulting, a company dedicated to providing cutting-edge professional development to schools all over the world. Dr. Muhammad served as a middle school teacher, assistant principal, middle school principal and high school principal for nearly 20 years. His tenure as a practitioner has earned him several awards as both a teacher and a principal. He is recognized as one of the field’s leading experts in the areas of school culture and Professional Learning Communities at Work. He was recognized by Global Gurus as one of the 30 Most Influential Educational Thought Leaders in the world in 2021.
Summer Leadership Institute
What: Three-day virtual conference for aspiring, new and experienced principals. When: June 28-July 1, 2021 Cost: $249 ACSA members (and those not eligible for membership) Register:
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