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Members in the News
January 8, 2024
“It’s exciting to know that our students have been able to take home more than a million books through the Scholastic book packs program.”
— Bob Nelson
Superintendent, Fresno USD, in an article on the six-year partnership between the district and Scholastic, which distributes books to preschool through eighth-grade students to support reading over the holiday break and to help expand students’ home libraries. (EdSource, Nov. 14, 2023)
“I can teach your kids to read, but I am not a construction manager. The state needs to step in ...”
— Eric Gross
Superintendent of Pacific Elementary School District, in a story about dilapidated school facilities in rural communities and two bills in the Legislature that would raise billions of dollars for much-needed repair funds. (CalMatters, Nov. 27, 2023)
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