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Members in the News
October 2, 2023
“Overserve the underserved.” — Oscar Macias
Director, Equity, Access and Family Engagement in Glendale Unified School District, shares his mantra in an article highlighting him as a K-12 Dive Rising Leader for 2023-24. (K-12 Dive, Aug. 24, 2023)
“We’ve had foxes, we’ve had possums, we’ve had, you know, your community dog, but a bear? I’ve locked down a lot of schools in my time but never for a bear.”
— Trish Anderson
Superintendent of Hickman Community Charter School District, in a story about a bear that approached the school, located in Stanislaus County. (CBS Sacramento, Sept. 26, 2023)
“Post-pandemic, we can’t shut our schools to the kids that we serve.”
— Bob Nelson
Superintendent, Fresno Unified School District, in a story about the district’s plan to pay thousands of substitute teachers $500 each day in order to keep schools open and kids learning during a likely teacher strike. (EdSource, Sept. 15, 2023)
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