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Members in the News
December 4, 2023
“Students thrive off of learning about different cultures, learning about the history of this country in a way that sometimes they haven’t been aware of.”
— Debra Duardo
Los Angeles County superintendent of schools, in a story about an ethnic studies class in El Rancho USD, one of 10 districts in the county that have had an ethnic studies course years ahead of a California’s state law that requires high schools to offer these courses by the 2025-26 school year. (Inside California Education, Oct. 18, 2023)
“This work is a labor of love … It is important to meet the needs of our English learners. ... It cannot be an afterthought.”
— Elodia Ortega-Lampkin
Superintendent, Woodland Joint USD, in a story about the district’s English learner program, which was featured recently in The California English Learner Roadmap. (Daily Democrat, Nov. 3, 2023)
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