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Members in the News
April 17, 2023
“There are so many more stressors on our adolescents where they need a place during the day where they can get the support they need to prevent it from escalating.”
— Heath Rocha
Assistant superintendent of student services, Los Gatos-Saratoga JUHSD, in a story on a districtwide, post-pandemic effort to address student mental health needs. (San Jose Mercury News, March 12, 2023)
“Any time there’s a light rain I drive out to check the creek … It’s just part of the routine.”
— Jose Gonzalez
Superintendent of Planada Elementary School District in a story about the aftermath of a levee breach in January that flooded Planada in unincorporated Merced County, destroying 26 classrooms. (EdSource, April 5, 2023)
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