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Alexander Mattison with two children at his youth
Minnesota Vikings running back Alexander Mattison returns to his hometown each summer to hold youth camps. Mattison has also donated to support giving an additional $1,000 scholarship to a deserving student from Region 12’s Every Student Succeeding program.
NFL’s Mattison pays it forward
Former ACSA ESS winner supports scholarship for Region 12 student
May 3, 2021
A former ACSA Every Student Succeeding recipient is “paying it forward” by supporting students who have overcome the odds.
ACSA Region 12 was able to provide not one, but two Every Student Succeeding scholarships this year thanks to the generosity of Minnesota Vikings running back Alexander Mattison. Since 2019-20, the former ESS student turned NFL player has donated $1,000 to see that ACSA Region 12 is able to honor an additional deserving student with this award.
Mattison was a senior at San Bernardino High School in 2016 when he received the Every Student Succeeding award for Region 12. His nominators at the time cited numerous examples of his kindness, dedication and tenacity despite living in a community that is troubled by crime and gangs. Mattison excelled both on and off the football field: He set the school’s record for rushing and touchdowns in one season and completed a challenging dual immersion Spanish program. After graduating with a 4.7 GPA, he went on to attend Boise State University on a full-ride scholarship.
In 2019, Mattison entered the NFL Draft and was selected by the Minnesota Vikings in the third round as the 102nd overall pick. This year, he successfully finished his second NFL season with a career total of four touchdowns and over 1,000 rushing and receiving yards combined.
During his off-season time, Mattison returns to San Bernardino to train and operate football training sessions and camps with local youth. He created the clothing line “I AM Gifted” to inspire young people to understand that “Everyone was born with a gift; Find it, Embrace it and Use it to shed light into the world.” Mattison also uses his platform to promote suicide prevention, mental health awareness and social justice issues.
In November 2019, Alexander donated $1,000 to ACSA Region 12 to be used to pay it forward for an additional ESS student. Region 12 was heartened by his generosity and caring and was pleased to honor another worthy student with a scholarship that year.
This year, Mattison has once again donated $1,000 to the region. The beneficiary of his generosity is student Albert Sisneros of David Stine Chaffey West High School in San Bernardino County.
“Region 12 is truly honored to have Mattison as one of our own, and we wish him continued success in life,” said Region 12 Consultant Bill Olinger.
During his 2016 ESS video story, Mattison said he knew he represented hope for San Bernardino.
“I’d like to say that I see myself as one of those role models especially to the younger kids that are growing up and may not have that guidance in their life yet,” he said. “I don’t want to leave this city and come back and it’s worse, I’d rather it be better. So if I can be that hope and that model that it can be better, then that’s a blessing.”
Alexander Mattison has played two seasons with the Minnesota Vikings.
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