ACSA partnership program transitions to Member Services

August 24, 2020
ACSA Member Services takes the helm of the Partner4Purpose Program with former ACSA President Alice Petrossian serving as the new Partnership Executive.   Throughout her 44-year career, Petrossian has been an educational leader and advocate for all students and is a highly regarded and awarded education professional. She retired from the Pasadena USD as chief academic officer-deputy superintendent. Prior to joining PUSD, she served in multiple administrative positions in Glendale USD, including 10 years as the assistant superintendent-educational services. In 2011, Petrossian was elected State President of ACSA. In 2005, ACSA awarded her with the Ferd. Kiesel Memorial Distinguished Service Award and in 2014 with its Marcus Foster Award for Administrator Excellence. She has since served as the ACSA Region 15 development officer and is a veteran member of the Membership Recruitment Team.   Petrossian said her first order of business is to create an alliance around the program. “Developing partnerships and assuring success of continued relationships cannot be the work of one or two people, but must be a collaboration between all stakeholders — that means all members of the ACSA Family,” she said. “I look forward to engaging with our regions and partners to ensure that the program meets the needs of everyone involved.” Petrossian will be supported by veteran Member Services staffer Joanne Godfrey in her new role as the Partnership and Member Services Liaison. With 20 years under her belt, Godfrey brings a wealth of history and relevant experience supporting units such as the Member Assistance and Legal Support Team and the Mentor Program. Moving forward, Godfrey will also be responsible for working closely with valued partners and executing partnership agreements. “Member Services is very excited to be providing leadership to ACSA’s Partner4Purpose Program,” said Sr. Director of Member Services Margarita Cuizon-Armelino. “While I recognize that it is going to be a challenge during a severely downturned economy, I feel confident that this new team will bring innovative ideas to create a sustainable program that best serves ACSA members in a changed world and provide opportunities for more collaboration and customer service to the overall partnership experience.”

“I look forward to engaging with our regions and partners to ensure that the program meets the needs of everyone.” 
—Alice Petrossian
Previously, P4P was under the umbrella of ACSA’s MarCom Department with Tatia Davenport as the program lead. Davenport recently moved on to serve as the Executive Director at CASBO. To learn more about ACSA’s Partner4Purpose Program, visit
Alice Petrossian.
Alice Petrossian
Margarita Cuizon-Armelino.
Margarita Cuizon-Armelino
Joanne Godfrey.
Joanne Godfrey

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