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ACSA at 50 | Past leaders: Caroll Knipe
March 7, 2022
“As president of ACSA in 1989-90, I vividly remember the Annual Conference focused on technology. We wanted members to use what they were learning. The classroom of the future was especially popular, although that classroom seems almost primitive when seen through a 2022 lens. The computers were still bulky and not so friendly. Administrators were pointing to computers on the desks of secretaries and assistants as forward looking. Our objective was to have ‘hands-on’ opportunities for members. Computers were set up in key areas with directions to all sessions and a message board to contact friends. Science fiction author Ray Bradbury spoke to us about another kind of future. There was an excitement about learning together. To me, a vibrant and healthy ACSA is when we learn more about our profession, share our knowledge and use our newly acquired skills to improve our schools.”
Caroll Knipe, president of ACSA in 1989-90.
According to an issue of EdCal, participants at the 1990 Annual Conference were able to “access program events, maps and personal messages” on computers donated by Apple.
Ray Bradbury speaks to attendees on the need to encourage boys to read.