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Committee and Councils Report
January 18, 2021
This column reports on the activities of ACSA’s 21 Councils and Committees. Committees and councils respond to and develop activities and resources related to board-adopted issues and ACSA’s mission and vision. Want to be involved with ACSA Councils and Committees? Contact the chairpersons below or visit
Classified Education Leaders (CEL)
Purpose: To represent classified educational leaders and build awareness of their value as members of the educational leadership team. To enhance professional growth of classified educational leaders, promote ACSA membership and encourage participation within ACSA.
2020-21 Chair: Sylvia Alvarez
Priorities: The first priority for CEL is to have a successful 2021 CEL Institute scheduled for Feb. 24-25 2021. The planning committee has selected the theme for this year’s event, “Navigating a Stronger Future: Building Resistance,” which will offer pre-recorded and also live content presentations. The institute will be planned around the many different classified leader positions such as confidential, directors, assistant supt., managers, secretarial, and more.
“Our priority is to provide our classified leaders a wide range of opportunities to grow and give them the confidence to pursue positions they aspire to obtain,” Alvarez said. “Lots of great work has begun to take place on planning our 2021 CEL Institute. Everyone is in for a special treat.”
The second priority is to increase job-alike professional learning opportunities for all classified educational leaders throughout the year (e.g., webinars) via the milestones of the ACSA Strategic Plan. The third priority is to increase CEL memberships throughout the state. The priority for CEL is to reach out and offer professional development opportunities to all classified educational leaders. These will be offered virtually to allow and attract a larger group of classified leaders.
“Classified leaders miss out on professional opportunities mainly because of time constraints and the ability to be away from their job responsibilities,” Alvarez said. “Offering virtual professional development will offer our classified leaders to participate while in the office and/or while working remotely.”
Contact: Sylvia Alvarez, Coordinator, HR, Oak Grove ESD, 408-227-8300 100287,
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