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October 17, 2022
R18: San Diego retired charter meets in person
The San Diego ACSA-R (retired) Charter recently met for their first luncheon in two and a half years to celebrate and appreciate each other. They heard a guest speaker and enjoyed lunch and seeing each other’s smiling faces.
Front row: Terry McKearney, Gloria McKearney, Jill Brogan, Mary Lawlor, Sandy Clifton and Celia Ramirez. Back row: Lynne Batchelor, Mike Brogan, Ernie McCray, President Gayle Olson-Binder, Barbara Rohrer, Bob Raines and Linda Sturak. Additional person in back row: Charles Ballinger.
Past President Celia Ramirez put a sling on President Gayle Olson-Binder because she had to “twist Gayle’s arm” to get her to replace Ramirez as president this year.
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