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November 1, 2021
R16: Fall social reunites members for fellowship
ACSA Region 16 celebrated its first Fall Social for the school year at Whiskey Reds in Marina Del Rey on Wednesday, Oct. 6. It was a long time coming since the pandemic started, and everyone was delighted to be there in person with a beautiful sunset overlooking the marina. The event was a great success with several of the local district superintendents present, including Interim Superintendent Megan Reilly and Board Member Scott Schmerelson.
Everyone enjoyed the fellowship with like-minded administrators. Since October is National Principal Recognition month, the event highlighted their heroic efforts to provide a safe and welcoming school environment where students come to school to learn. It also emphasized the importance of collective efficacy and tied it back to the region’s 50th year anniversary theme, “We are GOLDEN together.”
“As Region 16 President, I am honored to be a part of such a supportive organization that is comprised of great leaders,” said Lisa Dachs-Ornelas, ACSA Region 16 President.
The sunset during Region 16’s Fall Social matched the region’s theme this year: “We are GOLDEN together.”
R3: Retired member receives USAF volunteer award
Rosemary Ingram, a volunteer with the Retiree Activities Office at Travis Air Force Base and Retired Emeritus member of ACSA, was recognized as the 2020 Air Force Volunteer of the Year.
Ingram, whose support of COVID-19 mitigation efforts contributed to her winning the award, has a storied history of helping Travis AFB residents.
“I’ve done a lot of the work with the Patient and Family Advisory Council in recent years, helping patients communicate directly with medical staff to share their concerns and suggestions,” Ingram said. “I was a teacher and principal in the private sector, so when I retired, I felt it was important to leverage my skills to give back and help others — it’s almost an obligation in that sense.”
Despite the accolades heaped upon Ingram, she’s quick to share the praise with those who volunteer alongside her.
Deserving as she was for the reward, that didn’t keep Ingram from being shocked by the announcement.
“I was gobsmacked,” she said. “At first, I was shocked just to be chosen out of the many wonderful volunteers we have in our office, but when our chief said, ‘Well, no, this is actually a bit bigger than just our office,’ I was really taken aback. It’s an honor, truly.”
Amid the many endeavors and initiatives she’s taken on, even with her award still clutched in her arms, Ingram’s word of advice for aspiring volunteers is a surprisingly simple one: “Just come out.”
“There’s no shortage of help to be given,” she said. “All the training, all the skills that may be needed — we can teach you. All you need to do is just show up.”
Rosemary Ingram, a volunteer with the Retiree Activities Office at Travis Air Force Base and Retired Emeritus member of ACSA.
R7: Assembly welcomes back leaders after year and a half
ACSA Region 7 held its Fall General Membership Assembly on Sept. 22 at the Golf Club of Copper Valley in Copperopolis. Guest speaker was State ACSA President Charlie Hoffman. This was the first in-person General Membership Assembly in over a year and a half.
Pictured from left are Mark Campbell, Tami Garcia, State ACSA President Charlie Hoffman, Region 7 President Ramona Soto-Barajas, Barbara Magpusao, Mary Ann Sanders, Deborah Rowe & Kathy Griggs.
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