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February 8, 2021
R1: Region recognizes ‘Random ACSA Kindness’
The phrase “Random ACSA Kindness” came to life in the Leadership Assembly conference in October. It was such a great idea, Region President Kevin Greene wanted to duplicate it in Region 1.
The idea was to nominate current ACSA members for their commitment and compassion for their staff and students. With 463 members in the region made up of nine charters, it needed to be equitable in the selection process. A process was created for each charter’s members to nominate administrators they felt were deserving of this honor. Those administrators that have been selected have received a thank you card and a $20 Starbucks gift card. To date, 22 administrators have received their cards.
Congratulations to all the nominees and to those that took the time to nominate a fellow administrator.
Congratulations to: Tehama County Charter — Karla Stroman, Merry Catron, Jenny Montoya, Jeff Shelle and Jared Caylor; Siskiyou County Charter — Rhonda Daws, Barry Barnhart, Tana Piersall, Kermith Walters and Kale Riccomini; Retiree Charter — Pat Faeth, Karin Matray, Frank Adelman, Cheryl Ingham, Herold Sinclair, Thomas Pender and David Schumaker; Shasta County Charter — Nancy Walker, Clay Ross, Bev Armelino, Shelly Craig and Shane Kikut.
R6: Members receive masks for ‘Random ACSA Kindness’
In January, Region 6 members received an ACSA mask as a token of appreciation as part of the monthlong Random ACSA Kindness celebration, which encouraged members to practice random acts of kindness throughout the region and encourage others to do the same in their charters and districts. The region used Twitter to give a surprise thank you to members each day and express gratitude for their leadership.
Assistant Superintendent, HR in San Lorenzo USD Belen Magers shows off the ACSA mask she received as part of Region 6’s Random ACSA Kindness month in January.
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