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April 26, 2021
R3: ESS winners honored in online video
Region 3 is celebrating its Every Student Succeeding winners with a video featuring the students’ stories of triumph over adversity.
Hosted by Region 3 President Laura Butler (principal, Abraham Lincoln Elementary School, SCUSD) and Region 3 President-elect Greg Barge (principal, LeGette Elementary, SJUSD), the video features stories and pictures of 12 students from eight school districts. Stories include a student who created supports for Black and Latinx students at their school, an immigrant student who persevered academically while learning the English language, a nonverbal student who is thriving in distance learning, and more.
“Their stories are very moving and they are to be commended for facing these challenges and overcoming obstacles,” Butler said. “They are amazing individuals and have people in their lives that have helped them through the challenges they have faced while continuing to support and believe in them.”
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