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Advocacy Update
May 13, 2024
Co-sponsored social media youth addiction bill advances
The Senate Judiciary Committee has voted to approve Senate Bill 976 (Skinner), the ACSA co-sponsored bill seeking to limit the flow of addictive social media feeds targeting minors.
ACSA Legislative Advocate Dorothy Johnson testified before the committee, sharing the impacts on student academic outcomes and socio-emotional health that school site leaders report is a growing concern.
She was joined by the bill’s sponsor Office of Attorney General Rob Bonta representative Ellie Blume. The bill now moves to the Senate Appropriations Committee for consideration of fiscal impacts before it can advance to the second house.
Supporters of SB 976 recently provided testimony to legislators. From left, Flojaune Coffer, Public Health Advocates; Dorothy Johnson, ACSA Legislative Advocate; Eleanor Blume, Office of Attorney General Bonta; Senator Nancy Skinner; and Anthony Lew, Office of Attorney General Bonta.
Majority of ACSA-endorsed candidates advance
A majority of the candidates endorsed by ACSA in the March 15 primary will advance to the general election, according to primary election results certified on April 12.

Of the 18 ACSA-endorsed legislative candidates, 17 were successful and are moving on to the November general election.
One notable ACSA-endorsed candidate is Robert Garcia, who is running to rep-resent the 50th Assembly District. Garcia is a vice principal at a public elementary school in the Inland Empire and currently serves on the Etiwanda School District Board of Trustees. He has made fully fund-ing public schools a key focus of his campaign for Assembly.
ACSA’s vice presidents for legislative action and Governmental Relations team will continue to analyze legislative races and will endorse more candidates before the November election, which will be post-ed at
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